DR STRANGE:When a stranger becomes family.

By   Idongesit  Imuk



“…when you re-attach the 7th nerve,is it you who heals it back together or the body?”……..Tilda Swinton as ancient one in DR STRANGE.


Benedict Cumberbatch had carved a niche in our hearts for himself when he played Alan Turing in THE IMITATION GAME.What we saw was a pitiful,weak and bullied Benedict,who lived in fear,obssession and torment his whole life.Well,things seem to be going smoothly for the 40 year old english actor.Dr Strange came as a relief to those of us who were brought low by Cumberbatch’s suicide two years back.I remember wiping my nose at the end of the movie.After all that achievement,he still did the apple-cyanide thing.Well,thanks to him,what would our apple company do today? So unusual,making a multimillion company logo out of a suicide…


Back to Cumberbatch…

I was in class,it was a boring pharmacology class when a friend beckoned my attention.

“Have you watched “Dr strange?”

I had seen the posters everywhere and just hoped that before the week ran out,i would find time to visit the cinema.But time,is what we don’t have.I had replied her,”no,i haven’t.”

She pointed to her screen.”This is the movie,downloaded it from MTN dobox last night.”I had dropped my pen and books,reached for my phone and tapped on the “Xender” app.Two minutes later,i could hear Cumberbatch’s voice in my head.That girl had made my day though i didnt tell her.


“..how did you correct a complete C7,C8 Spinal cord injury?”

That line repeated itself over and over again in my head.Perhaps because of the emphasis he placed on”complete.”  We all know nerve cells can’t regenerate.Dr. Carson would tell us more about that.*winks*

And oh..Chiwetel Ejiofor did a great job there too.Seems he’s improved trememdously from the last time i watched him..where was that? Okay,memory retrieved…Chimmamanda Adichie’s hit book,HALF OF A YELLOW SUN.  “He has grown dark,my sister had exclaimed when she first saw him saving Cumberbatch from a group of hoodlums in the movie. I myself noticed.Too bad his character loses faith in the teachings and beliefs of the ancient one.


Studying the character of  Strange:a very good neurosurgeon,probably one of the best.The scene where he carefully extracts a bullet lodged in one of the foraminas of the brain perfectly depicts his wonderful hand-eye co-ordination.He has a problem of ego though.It becomes worse after an accident leaves him handicapped.I’m quite sure when Cumberbatch picked this role,he had a great time reflecting on his faith.He’s buddhist.


Tilda Swinton adds life and mystery to the movie.With her boyish structure,flowing raiment and clean shaven head,she’s the picture of someone truly dedicated to ensuring the safety of the realms entrusted her.And…her stunts were cool,especially during the opening scenes.


Cumberbatch brings out the actor in him when he conjures the spell of time.I must commend,his gestures and facial expressions would convince any one watching,he was actually wielding powers beyond the reach of humans.The time-loop,seemingly unending conversation between him and the fierce,fearsome entity,DORMMOUMO makes the best scene of the movie for me.I could hear myself mimic his voice weeks after watching the movie.”Dormmoumo,i come to bargain….”


Very interesting events happened there,THE MIRROR DIMENSION,the turning back of events past.At first it was wierd,watching huge buildings,structures and roads bend and roll over themselves.Staircases turning themselves inside out and yet the real world stays unaware of all these events.It made me remember a line from Harry Potter…”..the muggles are unaware of these events…” It made  me feel as muggly as ever.I thought to myself,”what if these events are happening around me? What if some sorcerer is busy casting a spell of endless looped time like Strange did( poor Thor) and i’m stuck here.How do i know i’m not stuck somewhere in the past while the world is ahead of me?”


I must confess,this movie made me go back to my particle physics.I had to go back to Einstein’s laws of relativity and time-particle paradox.Heisenberg was not far away,Keplers,Newton and more of such.It got me thinking.Well,i guess even if i managed to get my hands on a slingring,i’ll  need more than spells to be able to control time.Otherwise,i’d travel back in time and find a way to get myself on the cast of the movie.


Dr Strange,or “Mr Strange” as the ancient one would say,is a wonderful movie to start the year with.I recommend it for anyone stuck in a boring day.De-bore your mind with this.Dwell in the Swinton-Cumberbatch arguements.Enjoy it.I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars.The one other star left would have gone to Ejiofor if he hadn’t re-maimed that man in the post credit scene.And…..does anyone know how Thor managed to finish his beer?



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