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Idongesit Imuk follow the live feeds for mr and miss unical 2017 event at the cultural centre, main bowl… ? (Refresh to get updates) 8:14pm team arrive cultural centre venue 8:-14pm Guests,event organizers,media crews and contestants arrive venue 8:17pm Main bowl cultural centre is agog with activities…People posing for the…

Why introverts like the rain

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We like the rain because of the white noise. The sound of a trillion tiny drops per second creating a continuous hiss that overpowers every other sound in the world.  The smooth unchanging rhythm of this loud outdoor spray caresses the mind.  It’s a break from chaos; a steady…

DR STRANGE:When a stranger becomes family.

By   Idongesit  Imuk   “…when you re-attach the 7th nerve,is it you who heals it back together or the body?”……..Tilda Swinton as ancient one in DR STRANGE.   Benedict Cumberbatch had carved a niche in our hearts for himself when he played Alan Turing in THE IMITATION GAME.What we saw was a pitiful,weak and […]